JBU Media Release: Somebody Knows

With the continued surge of crime and violence in Jamaica, the Rev Karl Johnson, General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU), has called on Jamaicans to take a stand against the ‘informa fi dead’ culture.

Rev. Johnson says, “based on the size of our country and the fact that everybody seems to know everybody, you wonder why it is that we cannot uproot and exorcize this demon living amongst us… Believe me somebody knows.”

He argued that the time has come to do more than simply saying that enough is enough. Continuing, Johnson challenged the church community to mobilize itself into a conduit for information sharing and invited the authorities to consider establishing an apparatus that would make doing so effective. In this regard, he raised the possibility of establishing a ‘truth-telling commission’.

“Perhaps the church needs to come together and agree that what we need, in addition to ‘prayer’, is to encourage our members to declare a time of sharing, telling what we know.” He says it may pit families against each other, because “every perpetrator of evil has a family” but let us tell what we know, including even telling on ourselves.

Invoking the legacy of the Baptist Church, Rev. Johnson said that the church has resolved to do more than offer lip service. “We want to continue as we did from 1783 in tearing down the wicked monster of slavery. We want to continue to work to remove the scourge of crime and violence from this country.”

He was speaking recently in Manchester at the funeral for Corporal Melvin Smith who was killed while trying to prevent a robbery.

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