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Remembering their Service to the Jamaica Baptist Union.
Since January 2003, the Jamaica Baptist Union had the Rev. Alastair and Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell serving the Union as Baptist tutor at the United Theological College of the West Indies and teacher at the Calabar High School respectively. On Friday, May 19, 2006, the Union officially recognised the service of the Campbells during their tenure here in Jamaica where they served in partnership with the Jamaica Baptist Union and were now preparing to return to Great Britain.
The evening’s activities began with expressions from the Rev. Dr. Roy Henry who chaired the function. After dinner, expressions were made on behalf of the various areas of the union that were recipients of the service of the Campbells. The United Theological College of the West Indies president, Dr. Lewin Williams, noted the contributions of the Rev. Mr. Campbell who was described as one who made invaluable contributions to the life of the college and one whose insights and observations were not only worthwhile but also some that would warrant immense considerations by staff and administration. Expressions made by representatives of the Frankfield and Mona circuits also alluded to the valuable contributions that the Campbell’s made. Dr. Alastair served as the moderator for the Frankfield Circuit and it was noted that his pastoral oversight was welcomed by all even as he guided their deliberations in calling a resident pastor. His service to the Mona church was marked, among other things, by his input in Bible Studies. The UTC Baptist Students Association also commented on the frank criticisms that the Rev. Mr. Campbell would make whenever there were denominational and other classes. It was the view that being in a class with “the Do” was a sure means of ascertaining an ‘A’, but a sure opportunity to be challenged to reflect and exercise the mind. Perhaps one of the most memorable and impacting contributions to the Union as mentioned in the expressions made by Rev. Karl Johnson, secretary of the JBU, was the insight of Mr. Campbell on the matter of the role and function of the superintendent.
One thing worthy of note was that the evening’s expressions were replete with commendations of Mrs. Campbell’s musical contributions to UTC’s worship experiences and social functions and to the Frankfield and Mona circuits of churches. Many may recall a vivacious little woman putting her all into playing her violin or her guitar at our general assembly meetings. Those gathered to say thanks to the Campbells and to God for their service to the Jamaica Baptist Union for the past three years were not disappointed when the Campbells sang one of their original compositions reflecting on their time in Jamaica, and looking forward to being where God would have them be in the future.