The Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU), with churches in Jamaica and Haiti, is, on the one hand, relieved that Jamaica, was spared a direct hit, but on the other hand, deeply saddened, by the devastation...

The mindset of Christ

Last Wednesday there was a report in the Gleaner headlined ‘Poor Jamaicans want help!’  THE IMF said more persons who are poor are in need of greater assistance from Government to reduce the impact...

Joy comes in the morning

The Psalmist praised God for being kept alive.  The language of the Psalmist suggests that there was a time when he was gravely ill, but God rescued him from the depths of death. Whatever was the...

The Prodigal

The air was pregnant with emotions because the son who went outside of his father’s house and outside of his country returned home.  As the father sat inside the house and looked outside he saw his...

Fervent Witness

Just over three weeks ago, the games of the 31st Olympiad in Rio de Janero, Brazil came to an end. For eight consecutive days track and field was the centre piece of these games.  Jamaica, this tiny...

Witnessing Fervently

  Are you old enough to remember when hardly a week would pass without someone asking, “Are you born again?”; hand you a gospel track or engage you in a conversation about your soul’s salvation?   Can...

JBU News

The Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU), with churches in Jamaica and Haiti, is, on the one hand, reli ...

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